Baseball Divisions

Alpine Little League offers baseball from league age 4 - 14 across 7 different divisions. If you have questions about which division your child should play, please review our Detailed Division Descriptions.  If you still have questions, please reach out to either our Registrar or the applicable Division Commissioner below. 

 Division Brief Description Approx. Age Commissioner
 Tee Ball First intro to baseball, focus on fun and hitting off a tee. 4 - 5  Kate Hourigan
 Coach Pitch Instructional, work on hitting, general game basics. Coaches pitch. 6 - 7 Sean McBride
 Machine Pitch Machine pitch and the first intro to "real" baseball with scores being kept 8 - 9 Lauren Bochnowski
 Minors Intro of Player Pitching, catching position & increased level of competition 9 - 10 Neil Cohen
 PCL Further developing of player pitch, more competitive play 10-11 Dan McDonough
 Majors More competitive than PCL, more strategies and tactics introduced 11- 12 Bjorn Carey
 Juniors Increased field to 54/80 and plays teams from across the District. 13 - 14 TBD

Little League Baseball Ages

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Eligibility & Residency

Little League has very specific eligibility and residency requirements that Alpine is required to follow.  Please review these Eligibility & Residency Requirements and reach out to our Registrar if you have questions.  You can use this League Finder app to make sure Alpine Little League is the league for your player! 

Tournament Teams

District All Star teams and Super Bowl teams are a fun, competitive and memorable end to the Spring Season. Tournament team selection, however, can seem mysterious.  We don't want it to be that way!  We have prepared a detailed description of the different tournament teams, the time commitment and how manager and player selection works.  Please read about our All Star & Super Bowl Selection Process.  Go Alpine!

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