Alpine Little League's Local Rules

Alpine LL is governed by the Little League® Baseball Rulebook: Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies for the 2022 Season (together the “Little League Official Rules” or "the Green Book").  The Little League Official Rulebook is available as an app that can be downloaded below.  We strongly suggested all Managers/Coaches have this app on their phones for reference/questions. 

In addition, the  Alpine Little League's Local Rules/Bylaws are Alpine LL’s additions and modifications to the Little League Official Rules. In some cases Rules and Regulations have been repeated in this document for emphasis.  

The Rules presented on this website are summaries of the key rules in each division and are here for quick reference. They are not a substitute for reviewing the full Little League Official Rules. 

Local Rules - Spring Baseball

Local Rules by Division Division Commissioner
 Juniors  TBD
 Majors  Bjorn Carey
 PCL  Dan McDonough
 Minors  Neil Cohen
 Machine Pitch  Lauren Bochnowski
 Coach Pitch  Sean McBridge
 Tee Ball  Kate Hourigan

Quick Reference Guide to Rules provided below.  This is for convenience and is NOT a substitute for reading the more complete rules here.

Local Rules - Spring Softball

Local Rules by Division   Division Commissioner 
Majors Cal Thomas 
Minors  Cal Thomas 
Coach Pitch Corey Binns 

Local Rules - Fall Baseball

In addition to Little League Official Rules, Alpine Fall Ball is governed by these Fall Ball Rules.  If you have questions please reach out to our Fall Ball Commissioners. All pitch count rules apply to the kid pitch division of Fall Ball!

Baseball Rules Quick Reference Guide

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Game Day Reminders

Field Prep & Clean-Up:
We take pride in our fields at Alpine Little League!  It is the responsibility of all those who use the fields to do their part to ensure conditions are safe for the players.  

Helping your player's team with field prep and clean up is a great way to fill your volunteer hours!  Coaches should not have to do all the work themselves.  

  • The home team sets up the field to be ready for the warm-ups which includes dragging the field, installing the bases and chalking the batter’s box and foul lines. In Machine Pitch it includes chalking the “Commit Lines” and the circle around the pitcher’s mound (see Machine Pitch Rules). 
  • The visiting team cleans up the field after the game which includes putting away any equipment (including the bases), dragging the field and powering down the scoreboard and stowing the scoreboard controller where applicable (Ford Field). 


Visiting teams are responsible for Scorekeeping. Please read this Guide for Scorekeeping.

Do not under any circumstances bully or influence the kid umpires.  The only adult on the field talking to an umpire is a Manager (assistant coaches can’t talk to umpires).  If your assistant coach has an issue they come to you as the Manager who than talks to the umpire. Please review Alpine's Policy on Umpire Interactions.

Player Pool

Alpine Little League uses a "Player Pool" to help teams who are short players on game days. This helps teams avoid forfeits or the need to reschedule. When managers have a need for an upcoming game, they reach out to the Alpine Little League Player Agent who assigns a Pool Player (or two) for their game. Pool players come dressed to the game in their regular uniform. 

Read our Player Pool Policy & Procedures

Pitch Counts

Pitch count violations are serious! It is the Manager's responsibility to know all rules regarding Pitch Counts and to make sure they are being complied with.  Please read Alpine's Pitch Count Rules

The Visiting team's scorekeeper is the official pitch counter for the game.  Teams are responsible for reporting scores and pitch counts the SAME DAY as the game to this website.  Timely reporting is important! 

Field Rules/Ground Rules

Some of our fields for Alpine have some funny quirks.  Please review these additional Field & Ground Rules before you set out to play!

City Championship/ Interleague Rules

A highlight of the Majors season is the traditional City Championship Game between the Alpine Majors Champion and the Menlo-Atherton Majors Champion.  After years of playing this game the leagues have agreed on these City Championship Rules.  These rules also apply when we have regular season, inter league play with M-A League League.


Little League Rule or Not?

Let's avoid rule debates in the middle of games!  Review this site to debunk those Urban Baseball Myths.

Little League Rule Book App

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