Alpine Little League takes the safety of our players and volunteers very seriously. We update our League Safety Plan every year. You can click below to review the Safety Plan in full. We provide first aid, concussion awareness and sudden cardiac arrest training to our managers/coaches and regularly inspect our fields for unsafe conditions.  Our Managers/Coaches, parents and players are all required to review Concussion awareness and sudden cardiac arrest information.  Those resources can also be found on this page. 

For any questions related to safety please contact our Safety Officer.

Child Abuse Prevention Policy

All Alpine Little League volunteers in regular service to the League or with repetitive access to children, including all managers/coaches, are required to complete TWO criminal background checks.  As required by Little League International, we use JDP which provides state and federal criminal history information and a search of the Department of Justice’s National Sex Offender Registry. As per California AB 506, effective Jan 1, 2022, we are also required to complete LiveScan fingerprint background checks on all our volunteers with repeated access to children and provide training to mandated reporters. 

The League President will review the results of all volunteer JDP and LiveScan reports and will not permit someone to serve based on results that would deem the individual unfit to work with minors.

Further, starting in the Spring 2024, all Alpine Managers, Coaches, Board Members and anyone with repetitive access to children, will be required to complete USA Baseball's Abuse Awareness Training and send their certificate of completion to our Coach Administration Manager. No exceptions.  Coaches will not be permitted to coach until this is completed. 

Mandated Reporters:

As provided in the “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Act of 2017”, all Alpine LL volunteers who interact with children are considered mandated reporters and MUST report suspected child abuse, (mental, physical, emotional, or sexual), within 24 hours to law enforcement. Furthermore, Alpine LL requires all of our volunteers to complete state-required Mandated Reporter Training. New California Assembly Bill No 506, further emphasizes this requirement and requires the presence of at least two mandated reporters when interacting with children. In the case of allegations of abuse, the Alpine Little League board will suspend the volunteer while the investigation continues. 

No Retaliation:

Alpine LL and Little League International have a policy that prohibits retaliation against “good faith” reports of child abuse. Potential reporters should not be afraid to come forward in cases where they either have firsthand knowledge of or a good faith belief that abuse has occurred, even if there is a possibility that the report is wrong. 

Limited One on One Contact:

Alpine LL asks coaches and managers to schedule practices and games when more than one League approved volunteer can be present. Alpine LL’s policy is to limit one-on-one contact with minors participants when the interaction is not in an observable and interruptible distance from another adult.  Minor participants must always be supervised by appointed volunteers and/or hired workers who have completed the mandated background check process.

See Little League’s Child Protection Program for more information.

Air Quality Policy

These protocols are mainly applicable to Fall Ball but we include them here for completeness. Air quality can fluctuate quickly.  The air quality has been very different in certain locations. We are asking our managers to check AQI via for the location closest to the practice/game that day. Our Managers are instructed to cancel games/practices if AQI is around 150 or higher.  If the AQI is 100-150, practices/games will be optional for players.  If the AQI is less than 100 consider the practice/game schedule as usual.  Generally, we ask our managers to check the AQI at about 3 pm for weekday practices and 1-2 hours prior to weekend practices/games. They should provide you an update via your team's communication channel with instructions on how to proceed around that time. 

We realize that a lower AQI could quickly change into a much higher number while the players are at the field. Please know that if you would rather keep your child home and not take the risk, your coaches are fully supportive of your decision. The AQI could also decrease significantly after our decision has been made, leaving you wondering why we cancelled. We have to inform both parents and coaches in advance to provide time for planning and driving. 

First Aid Training

As per Little League guidelines, every coach/manager is required to attend First Aid training once every three years.  We have partnered with the Portola Valley Fire Department to provide this training to our coaches.

Safety Documents

Alpine Little League has a Board-approved Safety Plan (linked below) that all managers/coaches should be familiar with. This Safety Plan is also submitted to and approved by Little League International.  We have some additional Safety Materials linked below as well. 

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