The Alpine Umpiring Program

Umpires are some of the most important members of our youth baseball program. By virtue of his/her role, the little league umpire provides leadership and represents authority on the field. All managers, coaches, spectators, spectators should provide an example of cooperation, understanding, and respect for the umpire's judgment (whether youth or adult umpire) and Little League rules.

Alpine Little League has a compensated Adult and Youth Umpire Program with a long, successful history. In particular, it provides our youth with the opportunity to have paying work, learn about the game of baseball, and is an excellent way to build confidence and to stay involved in baseball whether playing the sport or not. Umpires are placed in divisions (AA, AAA, and Majors) based on their grade and umpiring experience to date. 

For registration information, please see the Alpine Spring Umpiring 2022 page. 

Our Youth Umpire Program Requirements:

Umpires must be at least 11 years old (as of January 1, 2022)
Baseball/softball experience and knowledge is preferred and helpful. 
Attend at least one, possibly two training sessions before the season (based on experience level)
Reserve games through the Arbiter system that the Umpire Coordinators will direct you to. 

Important NoteAlpine Little League has a zero-tolerance policy for arguing judgment calls, umpire abuse or call-related displays of poor sportsmanship. Managers, coaches, or players involved in such conduct will be immediately ejected from the game and may be further subject to a Code-of-Conduct review. 

The Spring 2022 Alpine Umpire Coordinators
Jeff Jay, Alpine Board
Anthony Remedios, Co-Coordinator

Reach us at: Umpire Email

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