Volunteering with Alpine Little League

Alpine Little League is a completely volunteer run organization and we couldn’t do it without the support of our community. There are many ways to get involved!  


One of the main ways to volunteer is signing up to be either a team Manager or Coach. If you have never coached before please read here for more information. You can either sign up to coach when you register your child or by emailing the applicable Division Commissioner for the division in which your child will play. See the Board of Directors page for contact info.

Almost all Alpine Little League divisions (AA, AAA, Majors and Juniors) need a designated Scorekeeper (usually a parent on the team). This person will be the official Scorekeeper when their team is "Away." Scores/pitch counts will be kept in GameChanger. There are also training materials for GameChanger if you are not familiar with the app. Reach out to your team Manager if you would like to volunteer as the Scorekeeper. 


Team Helpers 
Each team will need parent help! Things always come up. For example, it is great if a couple parents can agree to help prepare/drag the field pre-game when the home team and to clean up/drag the field post-game when the away team. It is also helpful to have a parent be the social/team meal/snack coordinator for the team. A simple Google sheet can be used for signs up or, if your team is using TeamSnap, it can be done in the Assignments tab in the app. If you can help with any of these tasks, please reach out directly to your team's manager. We know they would gladly accept the help! 

If you are interested in helping us umpire, please either sign up on our website or reach out to the Umpire Coordinator ([email protected]). Prior to each season, we offer robust training for all our umpires to make sure they are prepared. We have a strong youth umpire program as well. More details can be found in the Umpire section of this site.

Alpine Little League plans to host several special events through the year. We will need help to pull these events off and that will come from volunteers like you! Here is a list of anticipated events. Next to each event is the appropriate contact if you think you can volunteer.

Field Maintenance 
We plan to host a couple field maintenance days before the start of the Spring season and possibly during the season. If you would like to help, please email our Facilities Manager.

And last but not least....

Board Service - Serving on the Alpine Little League board is a fantastic way to serve the league. We have a few positions that need filling. You can review our league Local Rules that includes descriptions of each of the Board Roles. If you'd like to learn more about serving on the Board, please reach out to our League President.  We'd love to have you join us! 

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