Code of Conduct for Managers & Coaches

The primary objective of Alpine Little League is to instill in the youth of our community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority. These ideals support the goal of developing well-adjusted, stronger and happier children who will grow to be decent, healthy and trustworthy adults.

Managers and coaches at all levels of play are expected to:

  1. Reflect an understanding of the age group they supervise
  2. Be aware that they are an example to those with whom they work
  3. Demonstrate that they have an appreciation of the philosophy of Little League® Baseball, and cooperate with others in making the program of mutual benefit to all youngsters
  4. Show, by example, that they respect the judgment and the position of authority of the umpire and promote in their players a respect for the authority of adult leaders in the league
  5. Exercise their leadership role adequately but leave the ball game in the hands of the players
  6. Within the regulations of their own league and of Little League® Baseball and Softball, provide an opportunity for each player to participate
  7. Encourage their players at every opportunity, familiarizing themselves with the home background of the players and their families
  8. Inspire a desire to win and improve, striving to impart as much baseball knowledge as possible to each player
  9. Encourage good health habits, good grooming and proper care of uniforms and equipment; refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco during games, practices and all other Little League® related events where children are present
  10. Be instrumental in shaping acceptable behavior patterns whether the team wins or loses
  11. Know the Little League Official Rules and Operating Policies of Little League® Baseball and Alpine Little League Local Rules and be able to interpret them correctly, playing by these rules and adhering to their intent, demonstrating to the players an honest respect for the rules as well as the spirit of the game
  12.  Be well acquainted with the player selection system used in their respective league, and select players for the team according to their abilities
  13. Be cautious and use sound, reasonable judgment in protest situations
  14. Have had an opportunity to participate in preparatory training programs concerning their responsibilities before being assigned to their position
  15. Have knowledge of first aid and safety

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