Softball Divisions

Softball Coach Pitch

The Softball Coach Pitch Division of Alpine Little League is typically for players league age 6 - 8, with some exceptions for 9 year olds who have completed one year of Tee Ball or baseball coach pitch. Softball Coach Pitch is an instructional division with the emphasis on the continued development of hitting, defensive fielding skills and general game basics. 

  • The competitive aspects of the game are minimized, winning and losing will not be emphasized and each child shall have a positive experience during their first years of softball. Therefore, scores will not be kept and random positioning of players in the batting order and, within the limits of safety, liberal movement of players to different field positions is encouraged.

  • In Softball Coach Pitch, Managers reinforce the fundamental skills: batting, throwing, catching, and base running, in a game environment. Players improve their understanding of how to play the game of baseball. They learn more about base running, defensive situations, and rules-of-play.

  • The Softball Commissioner will consider criteria such as coach or teammate requests and the school attended by the player when forming teams, although we cannot guarantee we will be able to honor requests.

  • Softball Coach Pitch sessions start with a 30 minute practice followed by a game. Teams will have one weekday game (usually Tuesday or Wednesday) and one Saturday game each week. Teams should try to play 3 complete innings but not more than 60 minutes. Each inning, every player bats and plays in the field.

  • The season typically begins the second week of March and ends in early-June.

Softball Minors (Kid Pitch - AAA/AA)

The Softball Minors Division of Alpine Little League is typically for players league age 9, 10, 11, and 12. This division promotes teaching fundamental skills, having fun while learning the game, and providing exposure and access to softball. All skill and experience levels within the appropriate age range are welcome. The division will utilize more of the standard rules of Little League Softball in game play.

  • The focus will be on teaching softball fundamentals, player development and teamwork, while encouraging a greater understanding of the game. This division is also the beginning of player pitching, as live pitching is a key component of the game. Parent/Coach pitching can and will be utilized to help the flow and speed of the games, as necessary. This division will allow players to advance in their skill development while playing in a recreational environment.

  • Players in the Softball Minors Division must attend a Player Evaluation as players will be drafted onto teams. Teams will be divided and balanced to promote equal skill level and abilities across teams. Teams will be mixed in age range, as well as skill level to promote equal balance and fair play within the league.

  • Players in the Softball Minors Division can have experience and command of the basic skills of softball (fielding, catching, throwing, batting and base running), but this is not a requirement as all teams will teach and practice fundamentals.

  • In Softball Minors, managers emphasize the advancement of players’ softball skills. Players are taught to apply those skills and make their own decisions in live game situations.

  • Games last a maximum of six innings or 90 minutes. Teams observe continuous batting; the batting order includes all players on the team. Players may be called out on swinging strikes and half-innings end after three outs.

  • Players are rotated through infield and outfield positions, although coaches may consider safety in assigning positions. Coaches may play ten defensive players in the field during each half-inning.

  • A combination of youth and adult umpires are used in Softball Minors games. Official game scores are kept and standings are tracked. Each team needs to have an official scorekeeper.

  • Minors teams will have one practice, one weekday game (typical Tuesday or Wednesday), and one Saturday game each week during the season which begins the second week of March and ends in early-June.

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