Our very first priority is to maintain a safe and successful experience for the players and their families.   We ask that you please read this policy in its entirety and that by participating in Alpine Little League’s Spring baseball and softball season, you agree to comply.   

COVID-19 Protocols

We have been closely following the guidance outlined by the California Department of Public Health, the County of San Mateo and the CDC and will continue to do so as updates to that guidance is made.  We have also been watching closely what the schools in our area and other youth sports leagues are doing to protect their students/athletes.  With this as a backdrop, we are asking for compliance with the following CoVID-19 safety protocols:

  • Vaccinations are strongly recommended for all volunteers and eligible players.

  • Given that all Alpine Little League activities are outdoors, masks are not required.  We still welcome and support individuals that continue to wear a mask, and we ask that all players and family members respect everyone’s individual decisions regarding this topic.

  • There should be minimal equipment sharing, only when necessary.

  • No sharing water bottles, parent-provided drinks or snacks should be packaged individually and enjoyed outside of the dugout.

Just as we did during the Fall season, we ask parents to please not send their child to any Little League activities if they do not feel well, show any symptoms or have tested positive for CoVID-19.  If your player does test positive at any point during the season, we ask that you please notify, Andrea Roberts, Alpine Little League’s Health & Safety Officer at [email protected]. She can determine if we need to notify any other families and work with you to determine when your child can return to play. 

We are asking parents to please partner with us to enforce these guidelines with your players.  It cannot all be on our coaches and/or referees to enforce.  It is on all of us to keep our community safe so that we can continue to play ball!  

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