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Jun, 2023

All-Stars Update - 10s play tonight!


• The 10U team plays again tonight after a close loss in the 6th to Hillsborough. Next game is TONIGHT at 5pm!
• 11U won the first round, handily defeating Palo Alto. 
• The Juniors team was eliminated after losing by 1 to Half Moon Bay. 

See the Tourneys page or Tourney Machine for details.

10U (Loss): Game 2: Hillsborough 7, Alpine 5
Next game: Today (5pm on Monday, 6/26)

11U (Win) Game 1: Alpine 19, Palo Alto 0
Next game: 5:30pm on Thursday, June 29

12U (Win): Game 2: San Mateo American 0, Alpine 15
Next game: 4:00pm on Wednesday, June 28

Juniors (Loss): Alpine 3. Pacifica American 13
Next game: Tomorrow (11:00am on Saturday, June 25)

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