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Dec, 2021

Softball registration now open!

Welcome to Spring 2022 Softball!
We are excited to bring our programs to our community this Spring. For softball, we offer Minors and Coach Pitch. As you go through this registration process you will find descriptions of these two divisions, including recommended age ranges. The age ranges described are "League Ages" so we advise using this Little League Age Chart to help. Please register your child where you think they fit best and we will work with you from there to get him/her placed on a team in the appropriate division. 
The appropriate level of play for a child is not entirely based on the player's age. In the descriptions we provide guidelines for the skill levels and ages of children who may play at each of the levels. All of Alpine Little League's age guidelines are consistent with those suggested by Little League International.
In the Softball Coach Pitch division, players will be placed on teams based on friend requests and school groups, to the greatest extent possible, by the Alpine Little League Softball Commissioner.
Softball Minors (AAA/AA) players will be placed on teams based on feedback from Player Evaluations. Every attempt will be made to form balanced teams.

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