AQI Policy

Air Quality Protocols

These protocols are mainly applicable to Fall Ball but we include them here for completeness. Air quality can fluctuate quickly.  The air quality has been very different in certain locations. We are asking our managers to check AQI via for the location closest to the practice/game that day. Our Managers are instructed to cancel games/practices if AQI is around 150 or higher.  If the AQI is 100-150, practices/games will be optional for players.  If the AQI is less than 100 consider the practice/game schedule as usual.  Generally, we ask our managers to check the AQI at about 3 pm for weekday practices and 1-2 hours prior to weekend practices/games. They should provide you an update via TeamSnap with instructions on how to proceed around that time. 

We realize that a lower AQI could quickly change into a much higher number while the players are at the field. Please know that if you would rather keep your child home and not take the risk, your coaches are fully supportive of your decision. The AQI could also decrease significantly after our decision has been made, leaving you wondering why we cancelled. We have to inform both parents and coaches in advance to provide time for planning and driving. 

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